International Anti-Corruption Day

The 13th IAACA General Meeting was successfully held on 4 December, marking the completion of a fruitful year for the Association. The Secretariat reported the accomplishments over the past year and outlined our future plans to give effect to the mandates of the Association.  We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the collective efforts of IAACA members, our international partners and anti-corruption authorities worldwide in sustaining the momentum of the Association. 


During the meeting, Mr Danny Woo was elected as President of the Association for a new three-year term till 2026.  Under President Woo’s steer, with the support of the Executive Committee and members of the Association, IAACA will strive to make a substantial impact on the global fight against corruption. 


The International Anti-Corruption Day is around the corner.  Quoting the theme "UNCAC at 20: Uniting The World Against Corruption", President Woo calls for your support for concerted efforts in enhancing mutual cooperation and strengthening our anti-graft capacity, "Let us unite together to fight corruption!"