Webinar on Designing and Implementing Effective Whistleblowers Protection Systems

As an association gathering anti-corruption agencies around the world to promote mutual assistance in capacity building, IAACA has been actively engaging with different like-minded organisations and networks to facilitate the sharing of experience and best practices on relevant important areas. The Secretariat of IAACA encourages members to participate in the Webinar on Designing and Implementing Effective Whistleblowers Protection Systems organised by The Network of Corruption Prevention Authorities (NCPA), whose President Mr. Angelos Binis is one of the Executive Committee Members of IAACA.

NCPA has been organising webinars since early 2022 to enhance its members’ anti-corruption capability. In this coming webinar, representatives of the European Commission and NCPA members will share their experiences in regulating the framework for whistleblower protection and in the process of designing as well as implementing whistleblower protections systems.

More information of the webinar can be found here (https://shorturl.at/ahP03). IAACA members are welcome to join the webinar to have an exchange with the speakers and participants. For registration, please contact the NCPA Secretariat at ncpasecretariat2022@aead.gr.

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