IAACA Online Training Programme (22 and 23 February 2023)

With the advance of technology, crimes with digital elements are more sophisticated than ever and has posed a big challenge to law enforcement agencies including anti-corruption authorities. Nowadays, most evidences are electronically stored. Not only do graft-fighters need to know where to locate the information that could be of potential evidentiary value, they also need to know how to retrieve, analyze and preserve the data hidden in electronic devices in a timely manner in order to crack their cases.

IAACA is delighted to announce that an online training programme will be held on 22 and 23 February 2023. Seasoned speakers and investigators with profound knowledge in various dimensions of digital forensics from the Independent Corruption Against Corruption of Hong Kong, China, Central Vigilance Commission of India, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission of Malaysia and Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau of Singapore will share their experience and expertise with fellow anti-corruption practitioners during the training programme.

If your esteemed organisation is interested in this training programme, please let the IAACA Secretariat know by replying to this email (info@iaaca.net) and save the dates. Invitation for enrolment, requesting details of participants, will be sent to you once the programme is finalised. We look forward to seeing many colleagues from your organisation!

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