Strategic Directions

Over the years, IAACA has been playing the role of a focal point to strengthen international anti-corruption cooperation. Since the inception of the new term of the Executive Committee in January 2022, IAACA has embarked on three strategic directions.

A new Regional Coordination Mechanism is introduced to strengthen communication and collaboration with members and ACAs around the world. Capacity building programmes and regional seminars with themes of common interests are organised for fellow graft fighters to exchange experience, best practices, successes and challenges encountered so that they can be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in tackling corruption and hence enhancing their overall anti-corruption capabilities.

In the same vein, since the start of the new term, the Secretariat has been -strengthened with dedicated staff to provide professional support to IAACA and has taken various initiatives to enhance exchange among IAACA members and with other like-minded organisations. The Secretariat issues e-newsletters regularly to provide members with the latest development of IAACA and keep them abreast of the work and initiatives of IAACA members. With the launch of IAACA’s new website in January 2023, an online interactive platform is available for member to exchange knowledge and share experience.

Our ongoing mission is to galvanise the support and efforts from members in preventing and combating corruption on international, regional and national platforms thus giving effect to IAACA’s mandate to fostering the effective implementation of UNCAC and contributing to the attainment of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal 16.5, i.e. to “substantially reduce corruption and bribery in all their forms by 2030”.