The "Policy Guide for National Anti-Corruption Authorities on Meaningful Youth Engagement in Anti-Corruption Work", a collaborative effort between IAACA, the Independent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong, China (ICAC) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), was launched in December 2023.

The Guide serves as a comprehensive resource designed to encourage and assist anti-corruption authorities in engaging young people as a powerful force against corruption. It provides rationales for youth engagement and offers practical guidance to strengthen institutional readiness, develop impactful youth engagement activities, and establish effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. The target audience of this publication includes officers and managers of anti-corruption authorities, as well as policymakers spearheading national anti-corruption efforts in their respective countries and territories.

The Guide and related resources are accessible at a web portal at Training programmes for anti-corruption authorities worldwide are also in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more updates!

Policy Guide on Meaningful Youth Engagement Launched