The 13th IAACA General Meeting was held virtually on 4 December 2023. More than 100 delegates from over 40 organizations participated in the event.

More than 100 delegates around the world attending the 13th IAACA General Meeting

More than 100 delegates around the world attending the 13th IAACA General Meeting

At the General Meeting, Mr Danny Woo, Commissioner of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong, China (ICAC), was unanimously elected as the IAACA President for a new three-year term.

President Woo expressed his gratitude to the members, “I am deeply honoured and humbled to take up this important position. While I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this esteemed position, I am reminded of the responsibility that comes with it. I will work closely with ExCo members and the Secretariat to implement our plans and initiatives. But most importantly, we need members' support and participation to make it a success... Let's work together to build a corruption-free world for advancing global stability and development.

The Secretariat also reported IAACA's work in 2023 and shared the major initiatives in 2024 along three strategic directions.

IAACA's Strategic Directions and Major Initiatives in 2024

Enhancing Professional Experience Sharing

  • To co-host the 8th ICAC Symposium, which also serves as the annual conference of IAACA, in Hong Kong from 22 to 24 May 2024
  • To organize a learning programme for the National Anti-Corruption Advisory Council of South Africa (NACAC) in Hong Kong in March 2024, in collaboration with the Transparency, Integrity and Accountability Programme of German Agency for International Cooperation (TIP-GIZ), to share the anti-corruption models and experiences in the Asia-Pacific region

Forging Closer International Partnerships

  • To strengthen the partnerships with anti-corruption organizations such as United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), GlobE Network, African Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (AAACA) and the European Partners against Corruption and European contact-point network against corruption (EPAC/ECAN) and build connection with new partners
  • To visit anti-corruption organizations in Central Asia and Africa to strengthen mutual relationships and explore further collaboration

Strengthening Online Initiatives

  • To invite leading figures and prominent specialists in the global anti-corruption arena to share their insights into the corruption trend worldwide, their vision of international anti-corruption development, as well as new projects of their organizations in the format of video interviews
  • To invite anti-corruption authorities worldwide to share their work on youth engagement on our online platforms

Immediately before the 13th General Meeting, the 6th ExCo meeting was held online, with 16 ExCo members or their representatives attending.